How We Do It

STONEMILE's Delivery Systems

With more than 70 years of combined experience, our STONEMILE team knows how to deliver quality, completed projects. We can use any of the following delivery systems for your specific project:

  • Design-Build 
  • Design-Bid-Build
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • Construction Management


By getting involved early on in the design-build collaboration STONEMILE is able to partner with the architectural and engineering firms which allows our team to effectively fast-track schedules, maintain budgets, and ensure a clear vision. By integrating a design that is in sync with construction, we are able to plan and implement a successful approach to critical paths.


STONEMILE’s long and deeply rooted relationships with an array of principles, suppliers, distributers, manufacturers, and specialty subcontractors gives us a clear advantage by allowing us to place hard-price bids utilizing the best suited entity for each project.

Integrated Project Delivery

We integrate coordination services where we fit clients with the professionals that will best serve their needs. We also offer preconstruction services to help cater to the owner’s schedule and budget.

Construction Management

Acting as the construction manager on any project puts STONEMILE in the best position to manage the project. This puts STONEMILE into an owner’s perspective instead of a competitive and margin driven perspective.

Additionally, joining of the professional and the construction manager into a three-way contract with the owner. Provides a clear vehicle for early, ongoing, and consistent evaluation and collaboration by all three parties throughout the project.

Our Process

Phase 1

We offer pre-design services to fulfill any business owner’s needs. This starts with a simple discussion to determine your needs through assistance in property selection. The pre-design phase can also include:

  • Professional selection
  • Feasibility and constructability studies
  • Budgeting
  • Value engineering, and more

Phase 2

STONEMILE works with several different design professionals, each having a long history of experience, along with the ability to fulfill varying capabilities and to work with different specialties. STONEMILE can provide design services or we can assist in securing a professional to work directly with you.

Phase 3

Depending on the selected project delivery system, we can draw from thousands of contacts of trusted subcontractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. We can help narrow down the bidders to the project’s specific needs, size, and capabilities. Our team manages the design process so that it is streamlined, organized, and logically scheduled. STONEMILE’s services also include analyzing and comparing bids and assisting in the selection of the most cost-effective price, best fit, and most capable bidder.

Phase 4

STONEMILE offers complete services such as design-bid-build, design-build, construction management, or any hybrid of all the above. We believe the earlier we get involved in any project, the better the execution of the project.

Phase 5 

STONEMILE’s services continue long after the last coat of paint has dried. Every project has a punch list, and STONEMILE works hard to have all punch list items completed soon after the project turnover. 
After the projects have been completed STONEMILE provides every owner with closeout documentation which includes: 

  • Material and contractor warranties
  • Operation and maintenance manuals 
  • Comprehensive training sessions on how to use and operate all systems
  • Complete set of as-built drawings 

In addition to completing all contract closeout efforts, STONEMILE strives to service all post-construction needs of our clients.


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